While I don’t specifically go searching for class action lawsuits (but you can at sites like: MySettlementClaims.com), I will occasionally stumble upon a site or blogger who posts about one and can’t help to take the ~5 minutes to fill out a claim form if I qualify.

Usually, you’ll get a few dollars by check 2-3 years after you fill out the claim form paperwork.  Sometimes it takes longer, much longer.

Back in 2008, Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog.com posted about the De Beers diamond company being accused of a naughty monopoly and artificially raising diamond prices.

I filled out the form and frankly forgot all about it.  5 1/2 years later in 2013 a check for $62.82 showed up in my mailbox.

It was the largest class action lawsuit check I had ever received until this past week when a check for $283.30 arrived from the Justice store.

This class action lawsuit processed a lot quicker, I first found out about it just last year from a FatWallet.com forum.

Having two tween daughters, I spent my fair share of money in Justice.  They were accused of misleading shoppers by marking items ‘40% off’ when this price was in reality the regular price.

I had to do a little digging to find out how many times and how much money I had spent at Justice over a certain period of time.  It was really easy to calculate by searching Mint.com for my Justice transactions.

Don’t be afraid to spend 5 minutes filling out a class action lawsuit claim form if you qualify for it – who know maybe you’ll get a surprise in your mailbox a couple years later.

What has been your largest class action lawsuit check?