About me

My name is TJ and I’m from the Washington DC area. I work full time managing construction projects in our nation’s capital and in my free time I love to travel.  Ever since discovering this travel hacking hobby, I’ve been able to increase our family’s travel and vacations from the typical one week at Disney world to multiple trips to exotic locations in premium cabins – take a look at my travel maps below over the past few years and I bet you can tell when I really got into this hobby!

Once word got around about my first class flights and trip to the Maldives, everyone was asking me first ‘Where is the Maldives?’ and then ‘How did you do it?’, I decided to start this blog and create a beginner’s course to show you how to do the same.

Yearly Travel Maps

~2012 – one trip to Disneyworld – 1576 miles~

~2013 – another trip to Orlando – 5146 miles~

~2014 – a beginner travel hacker who loves the SW Companion Pass – 24,673 miles~

~2015 – just beat out 2014 – 25,861 miles~

~2016 – another record year + 1st family transatlantic flight – 44,828 miles~

~2017 has been amazing so far with a trip to the Maldvies and Paris! – over 36,000 miles and counting~