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I just recently got an email alert from AwardWallet that my Radisson Rewards points were going to expire in a few months.



So I quickly did a google search on how to keep the points alive but most of the suggestions revolved around buying more points, crediting a car rental to Radisson Rewards, or donating miles.  Angelina posted a cheap way to keep them activity by buying an iTunes song through the Radisson Rewards app that looked promising but unfortunately doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Then I remembered to keep the points alive last time I simply booked an award stay and then cancelled it a couple days later (see below I cancelled an award stay on Nov 29, 2017 and the AwardWallet alert above shows the points were going to expire on two years later on Nov 29, 2019.


Hopefully this method to keep my points from expiring would still work so I made another award reservation and cancelled it the next day on September 9, 2019



I’m happy to report that this ‘book award and cancel’ method still works.  The next day AwardWallet showed my Radisson Reward points would not expire for two more years.



  • The absolute easiest way to keep expiring Radisson Reward points from expiring is to simply book an award stay, then cancel it a day later.
  • Be sure to sign up for an AwardWallet account to track all of your frequent flier/guest account balances and expiration dates.


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