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Unfortunately another trip got cancelled due to COVID ­čÖü   This one was my wife’s European cruise with her mother.  Royal Caribbean ended up cancelling her cruise and a day later TAP Portugal cancelled her flight.

My mother-in-law already found a replacement cruise in August 2021 which is 14 months after the initial cruise.  We were disappointed to see TAP’s email that said the voucher would only be good for one year.  I was dreading the thought of making calls and having to fight with them for a refund.


For giggles, I clicked on the refund link in the email to see if there was a way to request a refund instead.  After entering the ticket #, I was surprised to see the voucher would be good for 2 years instead of the 1 year noted in the email.  This would work since we could rebook her flight using the voucher for the August 2021 date.


The voucher arrived a day later and we were again pleasantly surprised to not only see that TAP confirmed the 24 month voucher but they also added 20% of the value to it!   The two year expiration date is from the date of the voucher issue (not when you originally purchased the ticket nor the date of your flight).


While most people would probably want a direct refund, a 24 month voucher at 120% of the original value worked for us.  I wanted to share our experience with others since the original TAP Portugal cancellation email stated a more restrictive 12 month voucher expiration and didn’t state the value of the voucher would be included with a 20% bonus. 


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