How does a roundtrip flight from San Francisco to Bali for $364 sound?

What about $260 from New York City to Paris?

Or even Atlanta to Lima, Peru for $165.

While these airfares seem ‘to good to be true’, you could have just recently booked them to travel the world dirt free.  Let me explain how it works.

There are certain websites that search for cheap flights every day for amazing airfare sales.  Once they find a great sale – they notify you.

You can really score a great deal when airlines make a mistake (like forgetting to add a zero to the price – i.e. $100 instead of $1000), these websites also track down these price mistakes too.

There are three main websites I use for these cheap airfares:

1. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s started as just a guy who found cheap flights for himself.  Friends and family heard about all of his travels and wanted to get in on the deals.  Scott started an email list so he could quickly let everyone know when he found a great deal.  The email list spread like wildfire and a business was born.

Scott has both a free and premium email list.  With the free list, typically you will get an email each day with a great international airfare.  Here was today’s – $357 roundtrip from New York to Madrid:



The email will also tell you about a ‘premium only’ detail that you missed out on.

The free list contains a few ads along with a description of the cities available, when the airfares are good for, the normal price, airlines involved, and how long he thinks the fares will last



Finally the email shows you how to search for and book the flight.

Scott’s premium list is only $39/year and includes the following:

  • More deals (the free list only gets about 1/3 of the deals)
  • Choose your departure airport (only get deals from your home airport if you want)
  • First to know – get the free subscriber deals 30 minutes before they are sent out to free subscribers (hot deals sell out in minutes/hours)
  • Text alerts – get a text message with the hot deals if you want
  • No ads

Taking advantage of just one deal can easily pay for the premium service for multiple years.

2. Secret Flying

Secret Flying is similar type site that finds great airfares and is completely free.

While Secret Flying has a daily newsletter that you can signup for to get the deals, I like to follow their social media accounts to have a better chance on getting in a great deal first.

Check this page for links to their social media accounts and newsletter.

3. The Flight Deal

The third website I use to score amazing airfares is The Flight Deal.

It’s similar to the other two but I like that you can easily filter deals by major cities by clicking on a specific city.


The Flight Deal also recommends following them on social media accounts to get notified as soon as a deal is found.

Another nice feature of The Flight Deal is their RSS feed for specific cities.  I follow 50+ websites RSS feeds using Feedly.  Instead of having to sort through all of those deals for the city I live in, I can simply setup the RSS feed to be from my city only.

Go to the The Flight Deals from the specific city you want and copy the URL.  In Feedly, just past the URL into the ‘add content’ button and you will be offer two choices to follow – The Flight Deal (for all deals) or the specific city feed.

Here’s an example of Seattle:

These are the three websites I use to score amazing airfares – are there any others you really like and use?  What’s the best deal you have ever taken advantage of?


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