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During our spring break trip to Paris we decided to spend a day at Disneyland Paris.  I was able to save time and money by purchasing the tickets ahead of time online.  I found a way to save a money that I want to share with you.  But before that I need to explain the different types of ticket types.

Types of Tickets

There are actually two parks at Disneyland Paris – Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park.  These are most comparable to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios at Disney World Florida.

Tickets are a little different that Disney World.  First you can buy a single or multi-day tickets.  The multi-day tickets get you access for both parks.  For the single day ticket you can purchase access to one park or two park for a bit more.

The next selection you need to make for single day tickets is the ticket type.  There are 4 types:

  • Super Magic Plus – most expensive but good any day of the year
  • Super Magic – a little less than the Super Magic Plus above
  • Magic – less expensive than above two options – good during summer, most weekends, etc
  • Mini – least expensive, good for weekdays during normal times of year including Christmas & New Years

So you don’t overspend on tickets, it’s better to pull up the calendar to see which ticket type you should purchase for the day you plan to go to the Disneyland.  For our trip, we planned to go on Wednesday April 19th, 2017.  According the calendar, we just had to purchase a Magic ticket – make sense?


Where to Buy

1. At the Gate

You can always just arrive at Disneyland and purchase a ticket from the gate – try to avoid this at all costs for a few reasons.  First it will be the most expensive way to purchase tickets.  Second, you will have to wait in a line just to purchase tickets.

Here was the line when we arrived at opening:


2. Official Disneyland Paris Website

You will get a discount from the gate price by pre-purchasing your tickets before you arrive directly at Disneyland Paris’s website.  It’s in english and very straightforward when it comes to purchasing tickets.

We wanted to visit both parks on our 1 day visit on April 19th.  The official website pricing in USD was $90 for the adult ticket:



3. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is an official reseller of Disneyland Paris admission tickets and most of the time offers a discount on Disneyland Paris tickets.

If the website doesn’t automatically translate to english, click on the language on the top right and you can change it there:


Scroll down and you will see the ticket options discussed above along with the current ticket type calendar.  Our 1 day 2 park ticket for an adult on April 19th will be 78€ (~$85 USD).  So you’d save $5 by purchasing from Ticketmaster.

The Travel Hack

Here is a trick I learned while purchasing my tickets last month which was the cheapest option.  Try switching your country to the United Kingdom at the official Disney website.  Do it by selecting UK here:


The same $90 USD single day 2 park Magic ticket only costs £60 GBP.


A quick google search shows us that £60 GBP = $77.56 USD.


While Ticketmaster is usually the cheapest option, switching the country to United Kingdom on Disneyland Paris’s official website had the lowest price for our trip this time.  Just be sure to use a ‘no foreign transaction fee’ credit card when you purchase so you don’t lose the savings you worked so hard to find.

Online Tickets

I wasn’t sure if buying the tickets online, receiving by email, and printing them out meant I had to exchange them for a different type of ticket when I got to Disneyland Paris.  Rest assured, you simply scan the barcode on the print at home paper ticket at the park entrance.  You also just scan the paper ticket barcode at the FastPass kiosks throughout the park.  It was very easy.

Bottom Line

It won’t take long, but definitely check prices at both Disney’s official website (and in different currencies) and and purchase before your trip.  And whatever you do, don’t wait in line to pay for the most expensive gate ticket when you get there.  Good Luck!

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