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PFS Buyers Club is an easy way to help you earn extra miles and points on your credit card AND make a few extra dollars.  It’s also a great way to meet minimum spending requirements on new credit cards.  Let me explain.

Every so often the US Mint releases new limited edition coins.  PFS Buyers Club wants you to buy the coin on their behalf (since the US Mint limits the amount of coins any one person could buy).  

If you are quick enough to purchase the coin the moment it goes on sale, you can earn miles and points (or cashback) on the purchase depending on which credit card you use.  You also get paid a commission by PFS. 

PFS emails you a prepaid FedEx shipping label to you.  Simply print it out, slap it on the package you get from the US Mint (without opening it) and drop it off at FedEx.  PFS then paypals you money – more than your total purchase price.

The current deal is for a $65.95 American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver coin.  With $20.95 for overnight shipping, your total will be $86.90.  PFS is paying you $200 for this deal – so your profit is over $113!



Now putting $87 on your credit card isn’t going to earn you a ton of miles or points (but the $113 is pretty easy!).  But there are other deals where you can purchase more coins at a higher cost.

My main concern when doing my first deal was the risk in losing my money – after all I’m mailing an expensive coin in hopes they send me $$$ through paypal.  Everything I’ve read on the company has been positive with no one getting ‘screwed’.

I’ve done three deals (much larger in value than this one) so far and am happy to report all went well and as expected; actually very very easy.  Here’s a screenshot of deals I completed.

If you want to get in on the action, register for an account and ‘opt-in’ to the deal – they only accept so many so hurry.

And thanks if you use my referral link to sign up – I’ll get $20 if you complete a deal.


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