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I hate waiting in lines – from the grocery store check out line to amusement parks to airport security lines – it’s the worst 🙁

Two years ago I learned about Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check and it’s changed my life!

What is it?

TSA Pre-Check is an expedited screening process at airports.  There is a separate special line for people with Pre-Check, you don’t need to remove your shoes, belts, jackets, laptops or liquids.  And it’s available in over 200 airports.



How to Get it?

  1. Apply Online – submit an online application in 5 minutes, pay the $85 application fee, & schedule an appointment at an enrollment center.
  2. Background Check – a 10 minute, in person appointment at the enrollment center
  3. Enjoy! – speed through security lines by adding your KTN (Known Traveler Number) to your airline tickets for 5 years!


Global Entry

For $15 more, you can apply for Global Entry instead of TSA Pre-Check.  You get all of the same benefits as Pre-Check on domestic travel, but also expedited screenings for International travel.  There’s a separate shorter line at Customs & Border Control when returning to the US from a foreign country that you get to access.

Sound Amazing? Want to have the $100 Global Entry Application Fee paid for you?  Let me show you how to enter:

How to Enter

Complete as many tasks as you like!

You can enter until Monday August 7th, 2017 at 11:00pm Eastern Time

Already have Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check?  You can still participate – and give to friend/family member.


$100 Global Entry Application Fee Paid on Your Behalf

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