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My favorite travel hack has nothing to do with miles, points, hotels, or airlines.  It’s actually for rental cars.  The website is  I use it everytime I rent a car and have saved hundreds (maybe thousands by now) of dollars.  I’d even pay to use the service – but it’s FREE!

The basic premise behind Autoslash is that you enter the rental details (price, date of pickup & confirmation #) for a car rental you currently have.  It continuously checks all different rental companies and emails you when it finds a lower price.

Autoslash makes it easy to book the new lower priced rental right from the email they send you.  And then they continue to look for lower prices up until the day of your rental.


Here is an example of a car rental I need for a trip in June.

Step 1 – make a rental at any website of your choice (Hertz, Budget, Avis, etc).  I reserved a full size for July 1st thru July 4th.

Step 2 – next head over to and click on the ‘track rental’ tab.  Enter the info it requests.

Step 3 – you will be an email confirmation that your rental is being tracked

Step 4 – wait.  You will probably get an email within the first 24 hours showing you options for lower prices with other car rental companies because we didn’t do any comparison shopping in Step 1.  I got the below email a few hours after I started tracking the rental.

Step 5 – review the options Autoslash gives you.  They will also provide options for cars in different classes is there are savings.  i.e. – the rental you are tracking is for a mid-size car – Autoslash may email you if they find a lower price on a full-size car.  I immediately booked the full size car at Budget for a $52.32 savings from my original Avis rental.  I clicked on the link in the email and made the reservation

Step 6 – Cancel your original rental from Step 1 and continue to wait and rebook if a lower rate is found again.

I’ll be sure to update you when Autoslash finds me a better price – 4 months to go!


Autoslash will also automatically re-book you if a lower rate is found with your current rental company.  You will be a new rental confirmation number.  Here is an example of an email I received for a rental this past December.


Update #1 – check out my first update to the above rental – down to $198.37 ($11.98 savings; 5.6% from baseline)

Update #2 – check out my second update to the above – down to $191.08 ($19.27 savings; 9.2% from baseline)

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