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I can’t remember where I heard about the Earny app last November, but it sounded interesting so I checked it out and installed it.

How It Works

The basic premise behind the Earny app is that is connects to your email account and scans all of your purchases.  It then tracks the price of the item you bought and will make a claim automatically with the retailer or with your credit card price protection feature.  I love these ‘set it and forget it’ apps that do the work behind the scenes.

Credit Card Price Protection

Most credit cards come with a price protection benefit where if something you purchased drops in price, they will refund you the difference if you make a claim within a certain period (90 or 60 days).  Chase and Discover have the most generous policy with a $500 maximum claim benefit with a $2500/year max.  Most others are $250/per claim up to 4 claims per year or $1000.  The Points Guy has a nice table with the limits for each.

My Experience

Like I mentioned above I installed this app in November hoping to get refunds on my Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately I never got an email notifications of refunds until last February when I got refunded $5.00 on a pair of exercise bands that my wife bought.  I thought that’s nice, but big deal it’s only $5.

Fast forward to April of this year when our washer finally died after 12 years.  After reading all the reviews and ratings I could on washers and dryers, we settled on an LG washer and dryer set. had the best price I could find on it so we purchased it using my Citi AT&T Access More (no longer available) for all online purchases since it earns 3X Thank You points for online purchases.

Then in May I noticed something strange on my Citi statement, a credit of $159 from Costco.  The only large purchase I had made was for the washer and dryer so I checked the website and sure enough the price had dropped by $159 on Costco’s website.  I thought to my self that was so nice of Costco to automatically refund me when the price dropped.  Then when I got the email below from Earny, I realized it wasn’t Costco being nice at all.  Earny had done it again and much bigger this time.

Truthfully I was also a little disappointed by the email also, I forgot that Earny charges you 25% of whatever they recover for you, so that $162.20 is shrinking to $121.65.  Still I didn’t have to constantly check prices at each website then go through the hassle of filing a claim so I guess that 25% is worth it.



So what are you waiting for?  Install Earny now and forget about it, you may be surprised in a few months like I was.

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