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Back in October I wrote about how I loved Sofi’s new debit card (which at the time had a $50 signup bonus) has no foreign transaction fees and reimburses you for ATM fees anywhere – even in foreign countries.

And since it has no monthly fees, it’s a no brainer to have one when you need to access cash in foreign countries.

Well Sofi it back at it again with a new $75 offer if you open an ‘Sofi Invest’ account.  The Sofi Invest account is simply that – an account to invest in stocks.  There are NO commissions whatsoever.

For a limited time, Sofi is offering new customers a $75 stock bonus when they deposit $1000 into an investing account.  Now you don’t actually have to buy $1000 worth of stocks in order to get the free $75 in stocks, just fund the investment account.

Not really into picking stocks, don’t worry after you fund the invest account with a $1000 and get to pick $75 worth of stock (such as Apple or Amazon), you can simply sell the stock and withdraw both $75 bonus plus your original $1000 deposit back to your back account.

There is no requirement to keep the $1000 in the investing account.  I received my $50 bonus from the Money debit card account the same day! (see screenshot below)

Thanks for using referral link if you decide to get this $75 stock bonus (I’ll get $75 in stock also).

And don’t forget after you sign up, send your own referral link to a spouse/partner so they a $75 stock bonus and you will get another $75 stock bonus for referring.   That’s a quick $225!


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