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Unfortunately BP and United are discontinuing the United miles earning opportunity starting September 30, 2019.  Get Upside still works!

I love using shopping portals such as to double dip on online purchases.

No clue what ‘double dipping’ is?  It’s earning a reward such as cash back, miles, or points twice for a single purchase.

Let me give you an example – instead of making a purchase directly at a retailer’s online website with your favorite miles/points or cash back credit card, you can use a shopping portal to earn extra points.  You will not only earn miles/points/cash back with the credit card you pay with, but also from the shopping portal itself (the ‘double dip’).

There are dozens of different shopping portals – some offer cash back, others give you airline miles, and some give you hotel points.  Day 13 of my beginner’s course walks you through exactly how shopping portals work along with my favorite sites that compare current rates.

A ‘triple dip’ is not just earning two bonuses on a single purchase, but as you guessed it – three bonuses for a single purchase.

You obviously can’t buy gas online through a shopping portal, but I’ve found a way to triple dip on gas purchases.

The First Dip

The first dip is using your favorite credit card that earns the most points on gas and fuel purchases.  Currently I’m using my Chase Freedom since this quarter I get 5X points for purchases at gas stations.

The Second Dip

A coworker told me about this app called ‘GetUpside’ – it’s not fully national yet, but growing really quickly.  It partners with businesses to give you discounts on gas in 22 states.  All the big brands are included  – Exxon, Shell, BP, Sunoco, etc.

After installing the app on your phone, it will quickly do a search and provide you with a listing of gas stations nearby along with a cash back per gallon offer.  (It also has restaurant and grocery store savings in the DC area.)

The map displays the price of regular at the participating stations so you can compare.

Next simply click on whichever gas station you would like to use and hit the ‘claim’ button that pops up.  The app then gives you 4 hours to redeem the offer.

First pay with any credit (or debit) card you want.  Then snap a photo of the receipt and upload the photo using the app.

The next day you will receive an email with how much cash back you received.

The cash back will accumulate in your account and you can cash out with paypal or check.

The Third Dip

The third dip is by joining and using the BP Driver Rewards program.   BP has their own gas rewards program which can earn you additional cash back or United miles.

After joining the BP Driver Rewards program, simply add the credit cards you use for fuel purposes to the account and select your earning preference – cash back or miles.

If you choose fuel rewards, you’ll get 10¢ off per gallon on your next fill up for every $100 spent.

You can also earn 3 United miles for each gallon purchased + 200 bonus miles on your first purchase.


To get the triple dip, you need to find a BP gas station with the GetUpside app.  You also want to make sure you aren’t overpaying for fuel that you or the whole cashback bonus won’t really be a bonus.

I was able to find a BP station that already provided competitive pricing that is also on my way to work.  Last week I filled up the tank and got the following back:

15.489 gallons at $2.759/gallon = $42.73

  • 213 Chase Ultimate Reward points (42.7 x 5)
  • $3.10 cash back (20¢ x 15 gallons first time bonus when using a referral link – here’s mine if you want to try it out and get 20¢ savings)
  • $3.10 cash back (20¢ x 15 gallons gas station offer)
  • 45 United miles (BP Driver Rewards program)

If you value Chase Ultimate Rewards at 2.1¢ and United miles at 1.4¢ like The Points Guy does, this triple dip is worth $11.30 – not bad for a $42.73 purchase.

Need to Knows

  1. Make sure to use your favorite credit card that earns the most at gas stations – I’m currently using the Chase Freedom since it earns 5X points this quarter
  2. Register this card at BP Driver Rewards program to earn 3X United miles for each gallon purchased
  3. Finally, use this referral link (GetUpside app) to get an extra 20¢ off your first purchase at the nearest BP station

Have you joint BP Driver Rewards yet?  Did you chose the United miles or the cash back option?

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