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As a travel hacker I use credit cards for just about everything to earn miles and points.  But I still carry some cash, mainly a bunch of 20s from the ATM, in my pocket for the unexpected.


But before heading out on a trip, I always like to break a bunch of $20s from the ATM into smaller bills to tip bartenders, doormen, bellmen, valet, housekeeping, etc.


But I find it a pain to have to park, walk in the bank, wait in line, have the teller count out small bills, etc.  And banks aren’t open 24/7.  Luckily I don’t head to the bank anymore after finding a bill breaker machine at my local car wash.



What exactly is a bill breaker machine?  Simply feed in a $20 and it spits out 3 fives and 5 singles.  Feed in a $10 for a $5 and 5 singles. 

Want more singles?  Simply re-feed in one of the five dollar bills and it will spit out 5 more singles.

In a couple minutes you’ll have a pocketful of small bills for tips!



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